planetarian HD Edition Released!


July the 29th is a huge day for Key, and part of that is because planetarian HD Edition has released in Japan! Commemorating the launch of the anime series, this new release features redrawn 1280x960 graphics. As added incentive, this release includes the three Drama CDs (the four side-stories you totally need to listen to), as well as an all new planetarian art book! Certainly the definitive planetarian set.

You pick up a copy for 3,800 yen RRP from amazon! As of yet there’s no confirmation of an English language release, but we’ll continue hoping for an announcement! Nonetheless, it might just be that Key are using this release to test the success of HD Remakes of their older titles. If you’d like to see the likes of Kanon, Little Busters! and Tomoyo After in HD, then purchasing this release is a surefire way to contribute to that cause! Probably. Be sure to let us know if you’re planning on picking up a copy in the comments below!




If you’re interested in learning more about the planetarian franchise, check out our Series Information Page!

planetarian HD Edition Official Website


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