Planetarian Gets in on Key's LINE Craze


Over the past couple months, Key has been creating set after set of LINE stickers for their titles such as CLANNAD, Angel Beats!, Charlotte, and even Nyatsume Kyoudai. Appropriately, with Episode 1 of the anime adaptation premiering today, 40 SD Yumemis have joined LINE today:

As with the previous sets, the price is 0.99 USD. However, these planetarian stickers are unique from Key’s other stickers: this time Key has also released an “English Edition”. That’s right, all those little bubble-letter phrases that are usually in Japanese are now written in English. So instead of ”こんにちは!”, we get “Hello!”, and so on.

Although there aren’t a ton of English speakers who use LINE, this is yet another instance of Key showing us that they care about their non-Japanese fans (as if localizing nearly all their games and coming to our conventions wasn’t enough!). If you happen to use LINE at all, make sure you show Key that making English versions of their stickers is worthwhile! Perhaps we will get more in the future, especially with a certain other anime also airing right now *wink*.

Source: Tweet from KudoKou, via forum meber HeliosAlpha


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