planetarian Blu-ray Announced


While everybody is up and hype for Anime Expo right now, the other side of the world had another Key-relevant event: the planetarian in planetarium special screening event. Just a short intro, but this was an event held in an actual planetarium in Tokyo, where some staff and seiyuu were brought to talk about the planetarian anime, followed by an advanced screening of the first three episodes of the planetarian anime.

The talk event was streamed for free on nico nico douga, and while it was pretty fun to see the seiyuu talking about their experiences with the anime, one important piece of new info was revealed: the announcement of a Blu-ray release of the planetarian anime! As you can see in the slide presented above, the Blu-ray will be released on September 28, 2016, retailing at 4800 yen, and has a really pretty cover featuring Yumemi. It’ll come with a special packaging featuring anime illustrations, and a replica of a Hanabishi Department Store Planetarium ticket. Sweet! Are you looking forward to this blu-ray release as much as we are? Frankly, 4800 yen for 5 episodes (assuming this release contains all episodes) is a pretty good deal as far as Japanese Blu-rays go, so we think this is a must-have!


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