Planetarian Anime Finally Releases in English as a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack!

Planetarian Blu-ray/DVD Combo

The complete English release of the Planetarian anime on Blu-ray/DVD is finally announced! After a long wait, Funimation has announced they are bringing over not just the five original OVAs, but the long-awaited movie based on the drama CDs. Enjoy the series in the original Japanese (with subtitles of course) or switch to the English dubbed version. The set includes: Two Blu-ray disks, Two DVDs and a digital download copy (see site for details). The cover also features beautiful updated artwork by the original artist, Eeji Komatsu.

The set in on sale right now for $37.49 (USD) and will retail for 49.98 (USD) when it releases on August 14th 2018. Order on Funimation’s site here! (site not view-able outside USA/Canada). Unfortunately Funimation only ships to the USA and Canada, so you will either need to go through a proxy or have a friend from either country to order you a copy. Do however let us know if your local anime distributor acquires Planetarian for your region!


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