Riki, Kyousuke and Rin invade LINE with the new Nyatsume Kyoudai Stickers!


If you thought Key was done pushing out stickers for the popular messaging app, LINE, then you thought wrong! Just today, Key has released LINE stickers featuring characters and expressions from Nyatsume Kyoudai, a four-panel comic that was published a few years back on the Key official website. Nyatsume Kyoudai features the antics of Riki, together with Kyousuke & Rin Natsume who are shown with cat-ears and tails (Nyatsume being a pun on their last names). As you can see from the previews above, the art is very bubbly and accompanies the various expressions written on the stickers quite well! You can pick them up for only 50 coins, which comes out to about $0.99, at the LINE store:


While these aren’t the Little Busters stickers that we’ve been waiting for, I’d say they provide a pretty versatile set of expressions! They also labeled these stickers as “#1” so does that mean we will get a #2 sometime along the line? Either way, what are you waiting for? This set is a must-have for any of you fellow Key fans on LINE!


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