New Rewrite Project Teased


In a surprise announcement, Key’s official Twitter account just shared a link to a mysterious webpage, titled “Rewrite New Project”. The website, located at, has only a countdown timer, scheduled for 12 noon on December 15, Japan time. Quite a strange website! Any ideas what it could be?

One clue is in the credits of the website. Aside from the usual VisualArt’s/Key credit, it is also credited to an entity called “teamAeca”. We’ve found their Twitter account, and their description labels them as the makers of Key’s previous mobile games, Angel Beats! Operation Wars and Little Busters Card Mission. With this info, I think it’s safe to conclude that Key is planning to release a Rewrite-themed mobile game. Whether or not this tickles your fancy, one thing is for sure: this’ll give us a whole load of high-quality Rewrite fanart to come!


Resident writer that attempts to decrypt moonrunes to give you the news that we all can’t read.