Dengeki G's leak yields new Charlotte details!

Heaps of information regarding Key’s new anime project, Charlotte, has surfaced. This information astronomically expands upon our understanding of this new universe in comparison to the info we’ve recieved so far. It is said to be found in the March issue of Dengeki G’s magazine, set to release on the 30th of this month, including but not limited to an interview with Jun Maeda. Get ready, you’re in for a wild ride with this news.

First off, I want to give thanks to member Zak89 for bringing the news to our attention and Pepe for helping to translate all this information to the best of our ability. Let’s all take a look!

The information focuses heavily on our 4 main characters, all members of the student council- Oh, and their powers.

Yes, powers!

Information on their specific abilities is provided in the form of ‘files’ in the magazine.

File 1: Yu Otosaka.

Yu, the not so intellegent individual who passes his courses through unknown means, is now understood to possess the ability to ‘hijack’ other people for up to 5 seconds. Yu uses this ability to view honors students during their exams to memorize and steal the answers. He is described as being Key’s rudest protagonist at the beginning of the story.

File 2: Nao Tomori.

Nao was first understood to be a hard worker, a bit of a narcissist and the president of the student council. It is now also known that she has the ability to remove herself from a single person’s field of vision- Not to be confused with invisibility. Nao is a fan of one of the anime’s bands, “ZHIEND”, and uses the handycam for student council activities which we’ll touch on later.

File 3: Joujirou Takajou.

A large fan of Yusa and possessing an attitude similar to that of Takamatsu from Angel Beats!, Takajou has access to high speed movement. This movement is so rapid it appears to be teleportation, however it is not to be confused with actual teleportation. Not being in full control of this ability and not being able to stop where he intends to, Takajou wears protective gear underneath his uniform to prevent injury.

File 4: Yusa Nishimori.

Vocalist of the band “How-Low-Hello” and a teen idol of sorts, Yusa is understood to be a medium- Seemingly capable or channeling and/or conversing with the dead. The catch here is that she uncontrollably channels her deceased elder sister. When this occurs her appearance changes, as seen in the above image, with her eye color changing from blue to red.

More infomation about the universe in the interview with Meada describes that children in this world have a small chance of gaining abilities during puberty. Our main characters all attend “Hoshi No Umi” Academy, a special school that accepts those with these abiliies, and make up the student council. As the members of this council, the four come together to assist people with the inevitable problems that arise when they gain their abilities. Being that the abilities they hold are imperfect, this is not a battle show. No flashy fight scenes.

The two bands, “ZHIEND” and “How-Low-Hello”, are discussed in the interview as well.

ZHIEND is roughly detailed as a foreign post-rock band fronted by a singer named ‘Sarah’. This band’s lyrics will be entirely in English and written by Maeda, however the music is not composed by him. How-Low-Hello’s frontwoman is the character Yusa and the band’s songs are both written and composed by Maeda.

Lastly, as a treat to all Key fans, it has been confirmed that Charlotte will indeed see the inclusion of yet another new Saito character voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. Whether he’ll be masked or a fisherman is unknown at this time. Please understand.

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