New Angel Beats! Project Announced: Details Coming December 22


The recent countdown on the website has ended with an announcement of an announcement! …yeah, this shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s familiar with Japanese media. An event will be held to formally announce details of the project on the 22nd of December, through a live event accessible to those who apply on the webpage and are selected, and also via a livestream on Nico Nico Douga.

What we know is it’s almost certainly an anime of some kind: it’s described as a joint project between Key and Aniplex. The webpage shows art of a silhouette of an unidentified character, overlayed with the words “THE NEW PROJECT”. This may be one of the new characters Na-Ga has developed for the Angel Beats! visual novel. The webpage makes mention of both the 5th anniversary of Angel Beats! and the 15th anniversary of Key, so it’s clear trying to generate hype for the announcement!