New Action-Packed Rewrite PV!

An action-packed PV of Rewrite has been published on the Aniplex Youtube channel. The original video was region-blocked, so we’ve re-uploaded it for you above so anybody around the world can view it!

The video seems to contain what may be considered spoilers for Rewrite, so if you’re planning to go in completely blind, might be worth avoiding this one! But for all we know this is all content from the first episode so, we’ll leave that decision up to you.

What do you think? Excited to finally see the likes of Chibimoth, Gil, Pani, Inoue and even Krivoy Rog animated? How are you feeling about this upcoming adaptation? For last minute speculation on the series as a whole, you can join the conversation at our Pre-Release Speculation Topic.

Don’t forget! The first episode premieres this Saturday in Japan, and you’ll be able to catch the English subtitled simulcast on Crunchyroll later that day! Excitement mounting…


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