April Fools 2015 - MasaKaga After ~Muscle Memories~ PV


More big news has come out this April 1st! As many fans of Key are aware, every April 1st is a big day for announcements, and it seems like Charlotte and Harmonia aren’t the only titles getting love.

A new fan-disc for Little Busters! and Rewrite has been announed via VisualArt’s and Dengeki with an unknown release date. The first PV has been posted on both VA’s and Dengeki’s sites. The new VN has a definite focus on fan favorites of the two novels, focusing heavily on Masato Inohara from Little Busters! (2013) as well Deinonychus, Kagari and Kagari from Rewrite (2012)!

A Saito character has also been confirmed.

You can watch the PV below. Just be sure to be mindful of Rewrite spoilers.

Happy april fools everyone! I (@Aspirety) produced this video, but I’d like to thank @Takafumi for designing the logo, helping provide me with sprites and creating the Suginami sprites, @Bonecuss for providing some of the CGs and working with @LinkThinks to conceive this ship in the first place, and @Bizkitdoh for writing the article! The song used was “Little Busters! -Takeoff-” by Yukizakurasou. Thanks for joining us for all the april fools shenanigans!

Also, I’ve been told by Bonecuss to tell you all that a MasaKaga Little Busters! fan route is in fact in the works, with an estimated release of ‘someday’. Please look forward to it!


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