Love Song Bookclub Podcast 5

Sorry to keep you all waiting! I am happy to finally present the fifth entry in our series of Love Song Bookclub Podcasts, part 2 of our Owari no Hoshi no Love discussion! In this episode we’ll be taking a look at Flower Garden, Muteki no Soldier, Kooru Yume, Executioner no Koi and Toaru Kaizokuou no Kimagure.

Audacity screwed up my audio halfway through the episode so I end up talking with a very deep voice throughout half the podcast. Hope it doesn’t ruin your immersion too much!

Your cast for this podcast includes myself Aspirety, Bizkitdoh, kyuketsukimiyu and Pepe. Thanks to all the forumers for their forum discussion of these songs, and special thanks to MAEBATAME for producing this awesome Muteki no Soldier fanart earlier on in the Love Song Bookclub!

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All music used in this podcast is the property of its’ respective rights holders. Message me if you’d like the source of any music used!


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