Love Song Bookclub Podcast 1

The first week of the Love Song Bookclub has come to a close, and so we gather a select few forumers to come talk about the first five songs here on our very first Love Song Bookclub Podcast! In this episode, we’ll be analysing Hajimari no Saka, Ao no Yume, Hoshi Naru Ishi, Hashiru and Hyakunen no Natsu of the Love Song album. Lots of really awesome discussion of each song was brought up, so we hope you enjoy listening! Perhaps this podcast this will serve as a beacon to those still unsure of how to approach this Bookclub on the forum.

This week I Aspirety am joined by Bizkitdoh, therationalpi and cjlim2007. Editing for this podcast was a little rougher than planned, but we hope to have the remaining podcasts of this bookclub looking and sounding pristine.

Thanks to all the forumers for their forum discussion over the week, with a special shoutout to bionic and kyuketsukimiyu for really bringing some quality posts forward, and to chesca for producing amazing fanart of Hajimari no Saka. Hoping for more contributions from you guys in the weeks that follow! And if you’re interested in joining the podcast, be sure to let us know!

As always, you can subscribe to our xml feed here, or download an mp3 of the podcast here.

All music used in this podcast is the property of its’ respective rights holders. Message me if you’d like the source of any music used!


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