Little Busters! EX: DOTABATA Ranking Battle Board Game English Translation!

In preparation for the release of Little Busters, we at Kazamatsuri have been working on a little project we hope you’ll enjoy! Presenting our English translation of Arclight’s board game, Little Busters! EX: DOTABATA Ranking Battle! The game is based on the battle ranking minigame from Little Busters, and sees players purchasing characters and pitting them in battles with random weapons in order to fight to defend Rank 1! If you’d like to purchase it for yourself, you can find it here on Amazon Japan. Through the help of HeliosAlpha providing translations, we’ve prepared a full translation of the instruction manual as well as translations of every card which you can cut out and slip inside your card sleeves.

But we didn’t stop there. Through the help of Hardscope and Kawaii-is-Justice, we managed to edit all the cards in photoshop to include our English text, and uploaded it as a downloadable game to be played in Tabletop Simulator! At the time of writing we’ve already hosted several games of DOTABATA on the Kazamatsuri Discord, and it plays great! We’re very excited to share this game with you guys, and we hope you’ll join us on Kaza to play a round or two, we’d love to have you! With that said, we hope you enjoy the game! Battle start!


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