Little Busters! English Edition Steam Page Launched!


Little Busters! English Edition is now on Steam! …or at least its store page is!

As previously stated the game will be available for purchase on the 1st of November, but with the Steam page we can now add the game to our wishlists and share the page with our friends to get more people excited for the release!

This also means the community hub is open, where people can participate in the discussion forum, and maybe even get some sneaky screenshots from the developers and testers. I’ll definitely be posting on there myself! You can even upload fanart of the series there for some exposure if you’d like!

It’s also worth noting that a new detail has emerged in the screenshots uploaded to the page. Subtitles have been added to the voiced segments of Saya’s minigame! We were wondering how this would be handled, and it’s great to see they worked out a solution for English speakers.

Update: It’s also come to our attention the this release supports Steam Cloud for save file synchronisation and Steam trading cards, which means Little Busters emoticons and Steam profile backgrounds!

Now that the Steam page is out, the hype for the release is bound to build dramatically. Don’t forget, we’re still hosting a giveaway for a free copy of the game until the end of the week! Just share the tweet somewhere and post in the forum thread with proof to enter.


Only two weeks remain until Little Busters launches, and our Little Busters Bookclub with it! Anyone can participate freely, but if you’d like to help out with the organisation, we’re still accepting applications to join our podcast, and we’re also looking for volunteers to help us prepare a walkthrough to be posted on Steam. Or, you can just be a cool person and spread the news about the release! Let’s keep the hype van on the road, and make sure the name of the Little Busters spreads far and wide! Mission start!


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