Little Busters! English Edition Release Date and Pricing Confirmed!


Yup you’ve heard it right! And nope, you aren’t dreaming! After the long long wait, an official announcement is finally here! Key just made a tweet on their official English account that Little Busters! English Edition is slated for release via Steam on November 1, 2017! And the price? $34.99. Comparing this to their previous releases on Steam, this is a pretty great deal!

Furthermore, they’ve also announced that they will be promoting the game at Tokyo Game Show which has just started today! If you’re ever in the Tokyo area right now, you can head to the SEGA Games booth and grab a flyer from the Prototype staff.

Only a few weeks left until this is finally out and we can’t contain our excitement. The Little Busters! Hype Van is in full force! Be sure to join the celebration when the game launches by participating in our Little Busters Bookclub. There’s heaps of prizes up for grabs, so you won’t wanna miss this one!

Mission start!


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