Little Busters! Bluray Box Set Announced!


Never forget your childhood.

Coming out December 23rd, 2015 and February 24th, 2016 respectively, Little Busters! will be receiving two BD Box releases covering the entire first season of the anime adaptation. The first release will contain episodes 1-15, and the second 16-26. Each box will cost ¥24,000, and will come with:

  • A set of bed sheets, each with three characters on them (1st box comes with Rin, Komari, and Mio; 2nd comes with Kurugaya, Kud, and Haruka) drawn by Haruko Iizumi. You can see the sample images here (but be warned, they are somewhat lewd).

  • An original, full-color art book, also by Haruko Iizumi (the first will have 124 pages, the second 96).

  • A “special case”, which we don’t have any preview of, designed by Haruko Iizumi.

  • Postcards of the the digipack covers of all the previous BDs.

  • An audio commentary

  • Creditless OP and ED

The second box will also come with a “Little Busters! R” web radio CD. You can preorder the first box from here, and the second box here.

I know this has been announced amongst a ton of other exciting news, but I think this is still pretty hype. Hopefully we’ll see a Refrain BD box sometime in the future as well. How about you, anyone thinking of purchasing these?


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