Lia, Na-Ga, and marina Coming Along for the Key World Tour 2016

Lia, Na-Ga, and marina Coming Along for the Key World Tour 2016

July is coming soon, and with it, we have two events that we are sure that people are excited for. First up, this weekend will be Anime Expo, the biggest Anime-related convention in the USA! While we already know that Shinji Orito will be attending as Key's special guest, another announcement was made just a few days ago! Lia will be attending Anime Expo as well, and will be performing at the opening ceremony, along with MICHI and Dancing Dolls. While her attendance isn't related to VisualArt's (and is more of an IA thing), it's natural to expect Lia to perform her recent masterpieces from Charlotte and Angel Beats. We hope everybody attending AX will be able to catch this and give your support to Lia's performance!

Over on the other side of the world, next weekend will be featuring C3 CharaExpo 2016 in Singapore. This time, Na-Ga himself will be attending as a special guest, as announced on C3's official Facebook page:

According to the official schedule, Na-Ga will be having a live drawing event on the 1st day, July 9, much like he had in Anime Central just last month. He will also be having an autograph session on the 2nd day, so make sure to catch that as well. The next guest they have lined up for C3 CharaExpo 2016 is none other than marina!

marina will be performing on the special live stage for Day 2, according to the official schedule. We're definitely expecting her to perform songs from Charlotte as ZHIEND and Angel Beats! as Girls Dead Monster, so if you're a fan of these in-series bands, this will surely be a treat for you!

And that wraps up what is probably the final guest list for early July's leg of the Key World Tour 2016. It's definitely quite interesting how they give such a good variety of guests; instead of taking the same ones they had last year, they've gone and brought along a totally different set, and allowed their staff to attend events across different countries. Gotta love how Key is spreading their love across all their staff members! And this isn't the end, as Creative Paradise in Hong Kong is still coming up at the end of July, and I'm excited to see which guests they will decide on for that event~

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