Kud Wafter Crowdfund Flies past Last Stretch Goal


With four days to spare, the Kud Wafter animation crowdfund met its 200% stretch goal. Further funds are still rolling in, and VA states that these will be spent on the supporter rewards and increased quality of the OVA. As for the final stretch goal itself, its completion means the OVA will be extended to 40 minutes with a release in theaters on top of that. Even Kud herself was extremely excited about these news which you can see below.

So just to recap and round off the project for now, Kud Wafter will get a 40 minute theatrical OVA produced by J.C. Staff with the director and other staff from the Little Busters! anime making a return. Storywise, it will be an original “What if” scenario centered around Kud. The project’s PV shows a hint of the Kud Wafter game scenario but also the Little Busters! cast who were largely absent in the spin off. We’ve also gotten the new main theme, Light a Way, which you can hear performed in full here. The expected delivery for the Blu-ray is September 2019, at least for the supporters of the crowdfund. VisualArt’s have stated that they’re planning a crowdfund for overseas fans as well.

Share your thoughts on the project down in the comments and stay tuned for future news. There’s also still one legendary part of this crowdfund we haven’t talked about.


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