APRIL FOOLS: Kud Wafter Anime Confirmed!


What else is there to say? It’s all in the title. After 6 years, Key’s most anticipated anime ever is coming to fruition.

And if you thought that the very existence of this would be the best part, then wait until you hear who’s animating it: Kyoto Animation has returned to claim their title as the King of Key Anime. Apparently, fans complained so much about J.C. Staff’s production of Little Busters!, that the president of Kyoto Animation himself, Hideaki Hatta, was moved to take on this project. “The Little Busters! anime made me cry,” Hatta says. “And it wasn’t at the end of Refrain. It was in the first five minutes when I saw how atrocious the animation quality was. I just had to take action.”

“Kyoto Animation is the perfect fit for this too,” says a diehard Kud fan we spoke to. “KyoAni excels at moe. Wafuu is moe incarnate. Its a match made in moe-heaven.”

How can you not get excited about that! Because honestly, who wouldn’t want more Kud?


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