KSL Live World 2016 Now Available on Steam!

KSL Live World 2016

In a surprise move, VisualArt’s/Key has put up KSL Live World 2016 ~the Animation Charlotte & Rewrite~ on Steam! This is the very first time international audiences will be able to enjoy VisualArt’s/Key’s live performances with English and Chinese subtitles available!

The concert is over three hours in length and features artists from both Charlotte and Rewrite such as Ayaka Kitazawa, Aoi Tada, NanosizeMir and Lia. It also comes with Steam trading cards and adorable emoticons so try and collect them all if you can!

You can save over 50% through purchasing KSL Live World 2016 on Steam over the blu-rays, don’t miss the extra 10% discount which is only available for the first week by grabbing a copy of it now!

Lia KSL 2016