Kitazawa Ayaka's First Album Production Project Announced


Article by forum member Takafumi.

On April 1st Key Visual Arts announced the latest album to be published by Key Sounds Label. The album will be directed by Shinji Orito, and the vocals will be provided by Kitazawa Ayaka, the singer of the Little Busters! Refrain ending theme “The Things I Lost with You.” Currently there are 11 tracks planned for recording.

Throughout the month of April, Key Sounds Label will be asking for donations towards this new album project via MotionGallery: a Japanese crowd funding website similar to Kickstarter. If they receive the goal amount of ¥1,000,000 then the album will be produced!

Why are Key asking for donations? They need 4.6 million to bring this album to realization, but it seems that they are a million short~ A full breakdown of the costs can be found at the end of this post.

Here’s a run-down of the rewards offered to backers.

  • For 500円 you will be sent a "thank you" post card.
  • For 5,000円 you will be sent the post card, a signed copy of the album, and an original mug cup.
  • For 10,000円 you will receive all of the aforementioned gifts, plus an original T-shirt, and a B2 sized tapestry!
  • For 20,000円 you will receive all of the aforementioned gifts, a HiRes DVD-R, and your name will be credited in the album booklet!
  • For 50,000円 you will receive all of the aforementioned gifts, and tickets to see Kitazawa Ayaka live! All who donate 50,000円 will also be invited to a dinner party with Kitazawa and crew.

If you’re interested in donating, the KAKEXUN team wrote up an English tutorial for Motion Gallery here:

Keep in mind that you’ll have to cover shipping and handling costs yourself.

The project has almost hit it’s million yen target in a single day, so it looks like a new Key album will be coming our way soon! Let’s hope Kitazawa-san has a successful career!

For all of those intrigued by the costs of album creation, here is a breakdown of where the money goes.

Music production: 2.2 million
Mixing/Mastering: 900,000
Vocalist Guarantee: 1 million
Booklet production: 300,000
Photography and travel expenses: 200,000
Total: 4.6 million


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