Key World Tour 2017 Plans Teased


For those interested to see if Key will have exhibits in events outside Japan, here’s the news you’ve been waiting for! The event page for Key World Tour 2017 has been launched recently, and while it doesn’t have much information in it yet, VisualArt’s Kudokou has revealed some plans for the tour in his company update on AkibaBlog (warning: NSFW ads).

For the events, there is some good news for Key fans in Hong Kong, as Kudokou has confirmed that VisualArt’s will be exhibiting at Creative Paradise once more! For those about to mark their calendars, this will be held in July. Though for the fans in the USA, Kudokou regrets to inform that Anime Expo and Anime Central won’t be on the cards this year. That said, Mangagamer are bringing former Key illustrator Itaru Hinoue to Anime Expo, which means her fans nearby will still have something to look forward to. Con plans beyond that are yet to be determined, but VisualArt’s remain eager to exhibit in cons all around the world. If you happen to be involved in organising a convention, or you know somebody who does, VisualArt’s are open to invitations! Might finally be the chance to see VisualArt’s visit your location, especially if you missed when the Summer Pockets plane flew by on April 1st!

But that’s not all that was mentioned in Kudokou’s article. He also mentioned that VisualArt’s are currently looking into the possibility of bringing KSL Live abroad. Depending on how this will go, we might just be able to meet our favorite singers in Key and hear them perform their wonderful songs live, without having to fly to Japan! We’ll keep you updated on all the latest news on that front.

So, what do you think? Do you think VisualArt’s will exhibit in your location? Excited by the possibility of KSL Live expanding outside Japan?
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