Key Music Update: New CLANNAD and planetarian soundtracks!


Backers of the CLANNAD OST (digital and physical) should have received their Steam keys for a brand new Kickstarter exclusive OST by now! This OST features the new arrangements included in the Steam release. There was also an update to include a missing track for the arrange album Mabinogi which was originally released with the first printing of the limited edition of CLANNAD. If you’ve missed out on Mabinogi, you can always buy it from the iTunes store. Still waiting for news of a public release for the new CLANNAD OST.

On top of that, the planetarian anime OST was released yesterday, the 26th of October, which features a jacket illustration by Eiji Komatsu (planetarian illustrator), and a whopping 40 song tracks from the anime and movie. Purchasing from a few selected Japanese stores provides bonuses such as tapestries and postcard sets. International fans can look to buy from places such as AmiAmi, CDJapan and YESASIA, all of whom provide international shipping.

Let us know in the forums how you’re enjoying the wonderful music of Key!