Kazamatsuri Podcast: Comiket 89 Experience

In this episode, Pepe tells us of his experience at Comiket 89, including his conversations with a few of the VisualArt’s staff, including president Baba himself! Your cast for this episode is Aspirety, Bizkitdoh, Pepe, and therationalpi.

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Kiki from Charlotte Original Soundtrack
Travel from Rewrite arrange album “crann mor”
Orokamonotachi from Charlotte Original Soundtrack
Sprout from Rewrite arrange album “crann mor”
Cunning Ma from Charlotte Original Soundtrack
Bud from Rewrite arrange album “crann mor”
Booby Trap from Charlotte Original Soundtrack
Song for Friends ~Instrumental~ from Little Busters! Original Soundtrack
Morning Glory from Rewrite arrange album “crann mor”


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