Kazamatsuri Podcast: Chat with the CLANNAD Team

This week we have an exciting podcast for you guys! Joining the regular cast of Aspirety, Bizkitdoh and Pepe, are two members of Sekai Project’s CLANNAD team: Yui-Man Mak and Leslie Tang, also known as Cloud668 on our forum. Following the release of CLANNAD, we’re kicking back for a chat and getting to know these two faces behind the CLANNAD localisation. We had a lot of fun, so we hope you enjoy our banter!

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Muken - The Sound Story of Impression II [CLANNAD] by RESOUND WAV.
Kaijin ni Kaesu (Return to Ashes) -Nacky Remix- - OTSU Club Music Compilation Vol.1
Onaji Takami e (To the Same Heights) - LE:mix -Limited Edition:mix- by Aether


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