Kanon Bookclub Podcast 3: Mai Route

Welcome to the podcast of the secret girl and her cheerful friend! Opinions on this route were very divisive, and the analysis was a bit scattered since this route is SO DAMN CONFUSING! But none-the-less, we give it our best shot to dig deep and analyse this route, and we had a lot of fun sharing different interpretations and concocting different theories, so we hope you enjoy what we came up with! Your hosts for this podcast are Aspirety, Pepe and therationalpi, joined by guests kyuketsukimiyu and Naoki_Saten.

A big warm thank you once again to all the forum members for their discussion of this route! Notable posters include EisenKoubu, therationalpi, Pepe, SanjiSanada, kyuketsukimiyu and Kanon! This week we’re reading through Shiori’s route. The podcast is on the 17th, so make sure you get your discussion and fanworks in by then!

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“Intro” from Violet by XL Project

“Last regrets -winter highlight mix-” from Violet by XL Project
“Light in Cage” from Violet by XL Project

“Yakusoku” from Kanon Violin by TAMUSIC
“Pure Snows” from Kanon Violin by TAMUSIC

“Shoujo no Ori” from Kanon Violin by TAMUSIC

“Kaze o Matta hi” from Tenshi no Oshigoto -their wishes afterward- Final Edition. by APPLE Project

“Deep Snow” from Violet by XL Project

“Cage of the Maidens” from Kanon AIR Piano Arrange Album Re-feel

“Umaretate no Kaze” from Piano de Kanon by MagĀ² Software

“Zankou” from Vague in Winter by CODE ZTS LABEL


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