Jun Maeda is finally on Twitter! But not quite as you'd expect.


Some unexpected news to wake up to today. After many years of fans wondering when he’d finally decide to appear on social media, Key’s renowned writer has finally ~~been let out of VisualArt’s dungeon~~ created a Twitter account!

The catch? Well, looks like he created it for the specific purpose of talking about Mahjong. Guess he’s still very cautious about his public appearances after all! Don’t expect much of a response if you tweet him anything about Key; it specifically says on his Twitter bio that he won’t respond to such tweets. A bit of a shame, but hey, if you happen to like playing online Mahjong, maybe you’ll be able to contact him on Twitter and play a game with him! Or who knows; maybe he’ll be up for some small talk with his fans too.

You can find his Twitter account here: @Jun_Tenhou

What an unusual turn of events. I’m interested to see what comes of this down the line, if anything at all. Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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