[April Fools] Jun Maeda Confirms: Riki is Actually Gay?!

Trap Riki

You heard it right: the lovable protagonist of Key’s acclaimed series Little Busters, Riki Naoe, has been confirmed as perhaps the only homosexual character in the Key universe.

In an exclusive interview with Kazamatsuri, Jun Maeda states (translated): “I’ve always thought he was gay. I just never felt I needed to state it explicitly. Little Busters was never about gender identity, so it would take away from the focus on the main story.”

Quite a shock this has been for fans of the series. “Outrage,” one fan exclaims, “how could he have been gay all this time? There was just no sign of it at all!” Another fan says “Ever since I saw him in the female school uniform, I just knew it had to be true. I mean, all his life he’s been with Kyousuke; who wouldn’t become gay and fall for Kyousuke at that point?”

While the fans are still quite divisive on this topic, one thing’s for sure: this won’t change the Little Busters one bit. And yes, even if this means they do end up starting their own boy band.


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