Itaru Hinoue x Mangagamer Collaboration Title: Koro Pokkur Announced!


This should come as a surprise to many people! Some of us have been wondering what Itaru Hinoue has been up to since she left Key. Today at Anime Expo, it’s been announced that she’s working with Mangagamer to develop their very first game, a title called Koro Pokkur! The story follows a group of fairies who, after becoming human, are hired by a maid cafe. The story is promised to have a similar key-like feel in how the narrative progresses from slice of life to a more dramatic and emotional ending. Naitou Miyu will be writing the scenario for the game. It’s exciting to see Hinoue’s very first independent project, but who would’ve thought it would be Mangagamer she’d be working for!


A teaser website has been published on Mangagamer highlighting the new character designs. Let us know what you think of this surprise below!


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