Introducing the Kazamatsuri Patreon


Some of you may have noticed that little button quietly added next to our social icons. It’s been a long time coming, but Kazamatsuri has finally decided to open a Patreon. If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Patreon is a platform for funding online content through recurring donations. What this means is that people can choose to donate a small amount of money each month to support our work here and help us maintain the site, and potentially do some more exciting projects in the future.

That said, I need to open this with a massive disclaimer. You don’t need to donate anything! Kazamatsuri has been run out of pocket by myself, Aspirety, since it’s creation last year, and I intend for it to continue that way. I have no interest in making a profit off this website, and I plan to keep it completely ad-free. That said, there has been increasing demand from the community for us to provide a way to donate and help us pay for the site. And also, as we continue to grow, maintenance of the site may end up costing more, and we may decide to take up more ambitious and costly projects. With that in mind, the decision to open a Patreon was made in preparation of a more ambitious future for our humble community. Nobody should feel pressured to donate to us, because we’ll survive just fine without it. But if you do choose to spare a dollar a month on us, we’ll aim to ensure that your donations contribute to something! For example, since we’ve already reached our $5 funding goal, we’ll be opening a dedicated Minecraft server to host our Little Busters! Minecraft Build! This is something we’ve been wanting to do for a while, but shyed away from because of the heavy costs of running of Minecraft server. But thanks to your generosity, we’ll make it happen!

I have nothing more to immediately announce regarding goals for funding, but you’re more than welcome to offer suggestions for things we could do with any extra money we find ourselves with. As of now, we’ll be putting all the money we receive into paying for the website each month. And maybe some time I’ll buy pizzas for the staff so they don’t feel like they’re working for nothing…

You can find our Patreon page here:

Whether you choose to donate or not, I still love you all to death.

Aspi out!


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