Introducing the Planetarian Bookclub! Participate and Win Prizes!


If you’ve been active on the forums, you’ll have already heard me talk about this. But today I’d like to formally announce the Planetarian Bookclub! It’s my hope that the bookclub will become the main attraction of our website.

This event will be taking place starting from the 12th of September as soon as Planetarian launches on steam, and ending on the 26th of September with a podcast recorded by small group of our community members. The purpose of the event is to celebrate Planetarian by playing through the game, participating in active discussion on the Planetarian Discussion topic as we play through it, and sharing our own Planetarian Fanart and other fanworks over the 2 week period. At the end, the podcast will assemble to discuss the game and respond to any forum posts made over the 2 weeks.

To encourage people to participate, I’ve prepared some prizes for people to win!

The first competition will be to win a copy of Planetarian on Steam as soon as it launches!

This one is super easy. To enter, all you have to do is retweet this tweet on Twitter, register an account on the forums, and post a reply to this post below, telling us what Key means to you, including your Twitter handle at the end of the post so we verify that you’ve retweeted the tweet. On the 10th of September, we’ll create a list of people who’ve met the requirements and draw 3 winners from that list at random. The winners will be contacted through the forums, and will be gifted a copy of Planetarian shortly after it launches on Steam! This competition starts right now!

The second competition will be to win a Key Anime DVD or Blu-Ray of the winner’s choice!

This one will require a bit more participation, but hopefully it’ll really help the Bookclub take off! During the two weeks, I will be monitoring the forums and keeping an eye on who’s making contributions to the bookclub. At the end of the bookclub, I will decide on a forum member who I believe has made the most valuable contributions to the bookclub, and they will be rewarded with a Key anime DVD or Blu-Ray of their choice! The winner will be announced on the podcast. Anybody can win except for me (Aspirety). I’ll be paying the most attention to discussion on the Planetarian Discussion topic and personal submissions made to the Planetarian Fanart topic. We can’t promise you a limited edition blu-ray of Little Busters! Refrain Vol. 1 or anything ridiculous like that, so I’ll say any Key DVD or Blu-Ray within reason. This means official western localisations only, though the region of the DVD or Blu-Ray will be flexible to cater to the winner.

Working together, I really hope we can make the Bookclub something special. Planetarian will be a good test before we delve into bigger Key games like Air, which will be happening soon after the Planetarian Bookclub! And who knows, maybe this event will help promote the sales of the Steam release of Planetarian a little bit more! I look forward to seeing all of your contributions to the bookclub!

For more information about the bookclub and discussion about the bookclub itself, visit the topic here.


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