Introducing's New Staff!


Hey everyone! Aspirety here. If you’re active in the forum, you may have noticed our Job Vacancies Topic, in which we were looking for new Writers, Moderators and Translators to join our ranks and help us continue maintaining the site and delivering content. After a bit of a recruitment process, Bizkitdoh and myself have decided on three people to join us as staff of They are: Yerian and Pepe as writers for the blog, and LinkThinks as a community moderator! Pepe has already proven himself with his know-how and research skills, Yerian is an excellent writer who will be especially helpful as he’s awake while the rest of us are asleep, and LinkThinks has helped us moderate poor behaviour in the past and can also take care of things while Biz and I are away. Don’t forget, we’re still looking for a Translator, and we’ll keep the vacancies topic up-to-date in case any more openings arise in the future. I’ll hand it over to each of the new staff to introduce themselves and share a few words with us!



Aw man, hired as a wirter, and what’s the first thing they force me to do? Write about myself! Can you believe it? Anyways, sup guys, Yerian here. Remember me? First the planetarian Bookclub MVP, just recently joined the podcast crew, and now Kaza staff. Just another step towards taking over the site I guess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ). Well, for now I’ll just settle for covering for Aspi and Biz while they’re slacking off.

Enjoy my manipulation of the English language concerning matters of new information directly or indirectly related to the Japanese visual novel company Key/Visual Arts and its supporters!



Now that that’s aside, allow me to introduce myself. The name’s Pepe, and for a while now, I have been’s resident Japan correspondent because, well, I live in Japan. I’ve always wanted to give back to this community in whichever way I could, and I figured that joining as a writer would be the perfect fit for my situation. I tend to be pretty neurotic about gathering information and have already helped out with past articles and the Monthly Terra in that regard. Add to that my proximity to the source of most Key-related info, I feel confident that I will be able to help out in making a hub for quality Key news and information!

This being my first writing gig, I’m still not very skilled at it, and tend to ramble a lot, but with the help of everyone else on the team, I’m hoping to be able to spew out some quality work every now-and-then.
よろしくお願いします~( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)



What’s up everyone, Link here. You may have seen me around in the forums here at Kazamatsuri, and it’s likely you’ve heard me if you checked out any of our podcasts. With all the Key hype that that’s been building up recently the forums have gotten pretty busy, and I’m honored to have been recruited as a moderator to help keep things in good shape. Even though they do fantastic work, Aspirety and Bizkitdoh can’t be around, all the time, yeah? I’m really glad I get to work with such a fantastic community and look forward to helping it keep movin’ along in the future.

Actually I just wanted to cement my spot on the podcast. MŒ ͜ʖ°)/
Kaza da bes.

I’m still amazed they all managed to squeeze a lennyface into their introductions…

Well that aside, thanks for your words guys! As for the rest of you, I ask that you all give them a warm welcome and treat them well, as I’m sure they’ll be instrumental to our website’s continued growth and success. Let’s continue to walk forward together!


Lover of Nintendo/Key/07th Expansion, continuing to wander through the fragments in search of myself. Never forget the heart.