HOLY BREAKER! 2 Released


Just a few days ago, the long-awaited sequel to Holy Breaker, entitled Holy Breaker 2: The Witch In The Night Of The Star Talers., has been officially released at Comiket 89 and sold from December 29-31, 2015 for 3000 yen. Those who were lucky enough to get themselves a copy should be enjoying the game right now! And for those who weren’t lucky enough, don’t fret. Holy Breaker 2 will be released for commercial sales starting January 29, 2016, for a lower price point of 2000 yen (plus tax)!

Unlike the comiket release of the first Holy Breaker, Holy Breaker 2 does not come with an OST disc. Instead, the comiket release contains both Holy Breaker 2 and the original Holy Breaker. This explains the higher price point pretty well, but is a bit unfortunate for people who already own the first game. That being said, is anyone else interested in this new game? Head over to our forums to discuss it in our discussion topic.


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