Hinoue Itaru joins Muffin Soft to Release Haruka Drive!

Haruka Drive!

Earlier today, Hinoue Itaru along with new company Muffin Soft, announced via Twitter that she will be working on the upcoming game Haruka Drive! Muffin Soft is a new visual novel company currently consisting of Tamasawa Tsubura and Morisaki Ryouto as scenario writers, and Hinoue Itaru as the artist.

Tamasawa Tsubura and Morisaki Ryouto have been writing for Eroge ever since Studio Mebius was around, so this team of three are quite nostalgic in that sense. Currently we have a story synopsis, event CGs, character descriptions up on Muffin Soft’s website.
The characters announced so far include our protagonist Murakami Yuuya, along with Midou Haruka,
Serina Lala Angelico who appears to be our main heroine, Nana Melius and Rīn Castina. There are more characters to be announced in the near future! The theme of the story is based on fantasy novels, and the world within them, and is said to be an adventure of “Love, Courage and Hope!”.

Serina, Nana and Rīn

The formation of Muffin Soft is pretty exciting, as we have an experienced team of three who are creating a new visual novel, as well as new art from Hinoue Itaru! New information on the game as well as Muffin Soft’s work will be updated on their Twitter page and website, which you can check out with the links down below!

Muffin Soft’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/muffin_soft

Muffin Soft’s Website (JP): http://muffin-soft.jp

I am so happy to see Hinoue Itaru drawing for a new game, Muffin feels like an old-school Eroge company and her art has certainly improved! What are your opinions on Hinoue Itaru’s new work, will you be supporting the release of Haruka Drive? Let us know what you think!


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