Harmonia Coming to Steam Greenlight & First Screenshots!


Over the past few months, we’ve had numerous pieces of information regarding the international release of Harmonia, but none so far has come directly from VisualArt’s. Well that changes today, as a post from the VisualArt’s Facebook page has formally announced the release of Harmonia on Steam! As announced, It’s going to be up on Steam Greenlight come this Friday, October 23. Greenlight is a system used by Steam to gauge the viability of games on their system by asking users to vote whether they’d like to see that game on Steam. That means our job as Key fans is to make sure that all of us put in a vote to get Harmonia on Steam, and ensure a smooth international release!

They’ve also treated us with a few character sketches of Shiona and Tipi, as drawn by Itaru Hinoue herself. Hope you all enjoy!


Some screenshots of the English version of the game have been revealed as well, care of Siliconera. These are probably the first ever screenshots of the game itself, and the format of the text in the game seems to be quite unique compared to Key’s older works. The art style looks really unique as well, with the sprites having this sort of grainy texture that adds to the whole post-apocalyptic feel.


Any other thoughts about the Visual Novel itself? Feel free to discuss more about it in our Pre-release Discussion and Speculation topic on the forums.

Credits to @HeliosAlpha for the Siliconera info.


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