Harmonia is out now on Steam!


The wait is finally over! After many months of delays, Key’s 15th anniversary commemorative work Harmonia has finally been released to the world on Steam! This is the first time a Key title has ever been released in English before in Japanese, and it’s pretty unprecedented for the visual novel market in general. It is also on sale for 20% off for the first week, putting it at a mere $8 USD! If you’re looking for more information, VisualArt’s English-language website contains everything you need to know about Harmonia. We can also confirm that the story is 4-7 hours long depending on your reading speed.

To commemorate the launch, we at Kazamatsuri are hosting an event we’re calling the Harmonia Bookclub for the next two weeks! This event will rally everybody to read Harmonia together and jump on the forum to share their thoughts and perspectives. We’re hoping to dig really deep into analysis of the story, and there will be spaces provided for the artistically inclined to produce fanworks celebrating the kinetic novel as well. At the conclusion of the Bookclub, a podcast will be recorded culminating all of the discussion raised over the two weeks. There will even be prizes up for grabs for our top contributors! If you’re interested in joining us, just grab the game and jump on the forum! You can find out more details in our article here. It should be a great incentive to dig into the title before it collects dust on your Steam library or wishlist.

Once you’ve got your hands on it, be sure to join the conversation on the forum! We’d love to hear your impressions of Key’s latest work.


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