Harmonia Greenlit for Steam!


After two weeks of waiting for your support, it’s now official: Harmonia has been Greenlit on Steam! This means that we now have confirmation that this title will be released on Steam! And, if VisualArt’s’ plans go smoothly, we can expect to see this out before the end of the year! What with CLANNAD coming up soon, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to before the year ends.

A little bonus for you all, Harmonia’s director, Kai, has given a comment about his thoughts of the game, which you can read translated to English on Steam. It definitely gives us a feel of what we can expect in Harmonia. I hope you all share our excitement for this upcoming title from Key!


Resident Kazamatsuri.org writer that attempts to decrypt moonrunes to give you the news that we all can’t read.