Harmonia Bookclub Podcast

The long-awaited Harmonia Bookclub Podcast is finally here! The game has been out for nearly three weeks now, and we have so much to say about it. Taking in all the forum discussion over the two weeks of the Bookclub, we’re here to conclude the Bookclub with a bang. Here is what Harmonia means to us. It’s a story to remind us of the importance of emotions and love in an increasingly cold world.

Your hosts for this podcast are myself Aspirety, together with Pepe, therationalpi, Bowiie and SuikaShoujo!

Shoutouts to forumers SuikaShoujo, cjlim2007, EisenKoubu, Bacon41, HeliosAlpha, DangoDaikazoku, Kaze, BlackHayate02, Naoki_Saten, VyseGolbez, and therationalpi for the awesome discussion they brought for this Bookclub! And a massive thank you to all who contributed fanart, there was some really awesome stuff this time around! We included a few that we really loved in the podcast video.

And congratulations to the MVP of this Bookclub, cjlim2007! He truly stepped up to the plate of bringing in some high-quality, thought-provoking discourse on what Harmonia meant to him. A prize pack is headed your way! We’d also like to commend SuikaShoujo for her awesome discussion and fanwork contributions this time around, we’ll be sending you a consolation prize in the mail soon! Be sure to let us know what you thought of the Bookclub, and this podcast in the comments below! We like to know that people are watching, and learn what we could be doing better.

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For more information about the Bookclub, including links to relevant forum topics, check out our Harmonia Bookclub Page.

All music used in this podcast are the property of their respective rights holders. Message me if you’d like the source of any music used!

Thank you once more to all who joined us for this Bookclub, we look forward to seeing you again next time for the Little Busters! Bookclub!


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