First Batch of Rewrite and planetarian CDs Released Today


For those of you folks who have been keeping up with the Rewrite and planetarian anime, I’m sure you’ve all been enjoying the opening and ending themes of both series. You must all be thinking, however, “isn’t there more to these songs?” Well think no more as today, the single CDs containing these songs have now been released, including extended and instrumental versions!

The first of the two releases is Philosophyz/Sasayaka na Hajimari, which are the opening and ending of the Rewrite, respectively. It contains the full versions of Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~ and Sasayaka na Hajimari ~TV animation ver.~, both of which are sung by Runa Mizutani, along with the TV size cuts, and instrumental versions. Tracklist is as follows:

  1. Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~

  2. ささやかなはじまり ~TV animation ver.~

  3. Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~ (TVsize)

  4. ささやかなはじまり ~TV animation ver.~ (TVsize)

  5. Philosophyz ~TV animation ver.~ (Instrumental)

  6. ささやかなはじまり ~TV animation ver.~ (Instrumental)

The second is Twinkle Starlight/Worlds Pain which are the ending and image song of the planetarian anime. I’m sure you’ve all heard Twinkle Starlight numerous times while watching planetarian, however, Worlds Pain has yet to make its debut. Will it appear in tonight’s episode of planetarian? We can’t wait to find out! The CD contains full versions of Twinkle Starlight, sung by Sayaka Sasaki, and Worlds Pain, sung by Ceui, along with short version of Twinkle Starlight, and instrumental versions. Tracklist is as follows:

  1. Twinkle Starlight

  2. Worlds Pain

  3. Twinkle Starlight (Short ver.)

  4. Twinkle Starlight (Instrumental)

  5. Worlds Pain (Instrumental)

What do you all think of these full versions of the songs from Rewrite and planetarian? Let us know through our comments section! And for those interested in picking up a copy, you can head over to CDJapan and grab yourselves a copy of the Rewrite and planetarian singles.


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