English VisualArt's Facebook Page Founded!


The title pretty much says it all- An official English VisualArt’s Company Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/VisualArtsUSA, has been active as of April 8th, 2015, and boy is it exciting!

The past year has been full of events that many of us would have thought impossible and this is no exception. There isn’t much more for me to say about this awesome news other than to encourage everyone to please go support their page! With Sekai Project’s planetarian localization and successfully funded CLANNAD kickstarter that moves ever forward each and every day, the English speaking community’s relationship with Key/VisualArt’s has never been better. I know we’ve said this a lot, but it’s more true every time! Remember that it’s up to us to keep showing our support and gratitude. Keep it up, and I think the future bodes well for us all!

Please feel free to join in and discuss what you think about this news in our discussion topic on the forum!

Source: http://key.visualarts.gr.jp/info/2015/04/facebook.html


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