Community Spotlight: The Tangles Anime Podcast *Key Special*


Here’s something that may be of interest to you guys. Our good friends at Beneath the Tangles, a blog dedicated to discussing and analysing anime and otaku culture from a christian perspective, decided to record a podcast about Key’s visual novels and the controversial topic of H-scenes. I (Aspirety) was honoured to appear as a guest on the episode myself, talking about my own life, visual novels, Key,, and the main topic of H-scenes. I think you’ll find it a good listen; they’re all really great people with some very intelligent things to say. You may recognise a few of them; Japesland, one of our forum members who treated us with his Key Saxophone Collection, serves as the host of The Tangles podcast. And another of our community members, Kaze, was also present on the podcast featuring as one of Beneath the Tangles’ writers. You can listen to the podcast at the link below:

And be sure to give Beneath the Tangles a visit if you are at all interested in the musings of christian anime fans!


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