Community Spotlight: Little Busters Song - Anime in Verse


It’s time for another community spotlight! is all about promoting the accomplishments of the Key fandom, so whenever an exciting project like this surfaces, it’s our duty to promote it! One of our forum members @rpgcaster aka LOR, a personal friend of mine, has started a new project on his Youtube channel called Anime in Verse, where he’ll be writing and singing his own songs with lyrics inspired by various Anime and Game series’. His debut song is about Little Busters!, and you can give it a listen below! Please note that the lyrics and video contains things that may be considered spoilers (particularly, footage from Little Busters! Refrain), so discretion is advised.

I always get really excited to see ambitious fan projects like this which really try to capture the heart of Key’s stories, so I couldn’t help but share it around. Be sure to let him know what you think on his Youtube channel!


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