CLANNAD Production Update 8: Physically Gold


Sekai project has just pushed a new update for Kickstarter backers of the CLANNAD project, and it is some exciting news we have! First off, the beautiful banner you see above is the new title screen for the CLANNAD Side Stories: Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de. Absolutely stunning artwork illustrated by Goto-P. Sekai Project is now waiting for updates on the software to continue their own testing on the game.

Next up is news on the physical edition of CLANNAD: it’s gone gold! Recently, players of the Steam version may have noticed an update to their version of the game. This update, version 1.01e, will be the official copy to be used for the physical edition of CLANNAD, which is great considering that the physical release will have much more polished dialogue compared to the initial Steam releases.

The master version has now been sent by Sekai Project and production of the discs should finish by the end of the month. They’ve also received proofs for the guidebook and they are now aiming for a release around the first week of February for these physical goodies.


Classic CLANNAD cover right there

A bit of the note for you physical backers: backers living in the US will have their packages shipped with insurance and tracking via USPS or UPS. International backers, on the other hand, will have their packages sent via either USPS Priority or UPS/FedEx Saver, depending on the fulfillment center. More specific info on shipping details can be found in the Kickstarter update

Just a few more weeks until we can get our hands on the physical goodies that we’ve been waiting over a year for, and with all the work being put into it, it’ll be oh-so-satisfying.


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