CLANNAD Physical Edition to be released DRM-free!


Good news for Physical tier backers of the CLANNAD English Release Kickstarter! Recently, there was controversy surrounding VisualArt’s decision to release the Physical Edition with a CD-check mechanism. In Japan, this practice is standard among VisualArt’s releases, so it makes sense that they’d wish to do so for this release as well. However, responding to the outcry from disappointed backers on Kickstarter, VisualArt’s have retracted their decision and have decided to release the game DRM-free! Naturally, that includes Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de as well. In plain terms, this means that once you’ve installed the game with the disc, you’ll be able to play it off your computer whenever you want without having to re-insert the disc. Sekai Project emphasizes that it was thanks to the backers that this decision was made; it’s always assuring to see publishers take their backers’ wishes into serious consideration when using their money to deliver a product.

Don’t forget that Backerkit closes on the 16th of August (this Sunday), so if you want to make any last-minute changes to your pledge, please don’t delay!


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