CLANNAD Official English Release Production Update 9


Sekai Project just announced that the master version of the physical disc has officially been sent to the production plant! They apologize for the short, unexpected delay, but they had to patch in a few last fixes for some bugs that had just come up. The good news is that it is done. For real this time.

In other news, Sekai reports that just this past weekend, they received all of the data they needed from VisualArt’s to continue working on the HikaMichi Side Stories. Work on the the cover art for that should begin soon as well. And last but not least, they now have the production files for Anthology Manga, and plan to have that ready to ship by March.

It feels like we’ve said this several times now, but we really are in the homestretch now. Even just the term “Master Disc” feels… climactic. Very soon, the official English release of one of Key’s most beloved games will soon be in our hands, literally.


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