CLANNAD Official English Release Production Update #3


After a couple months and several conventions with no word, Sekai Project has just released a new update on their progress on CLANNAD, and boy is it a big one!

First and foremost, initial translation is now 100% complete. Not only that, but initial editing is only a few scripts away from being done as well. The QA (Quality Assessment) team is currently finishing their first pass for the Main, Tomoyo, and Fuko routes, and will soon be moving on to Kotomi, Kyou/Ryou, and Nagisa. Translation of the side stories is complete too; their goal is to receive the PC version sometime in the coming weeks and finish editing and QA at the same time as the main game.

Sekai Project have also just received the HD assets from VisualArt’s, meaning every image in the game, including the lovely one of Sunohara up above, has been upgraded to glorious 1280x960 resolution! They are now working to transfer the script from the original Memorial Edition to the new HD Edition.

They remind everyone that Backerkit will officially close on August 16, 10:00PM (GMT -7), so make sure you’ve filled that survey if you want to get your rewards!

And speaking of rewards, along with the HD assets, Sekai Project also received a sample of the tapestry design for everyone in the $115 and $175+ tiers!


An original design by Itaru Hinoue

Finally, they have announced that the physical game box will be specially made to order and serialized, and the game disc will be packed in an upgraded jewel case. They do not have the package artwork yet, but they do have a mock-up of what the box will look like:


Sekai Project regrets that they don’t have anything to share with us about the anthology manga just yet, but personally I think all this is enough already. If all goes well, everything is still set to ship by November. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t getting more and more hype each day closer we get. Excited to get your hands on these rewards?


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