CLANNAD Official English Kickstarter Production Update 12


Another quick update by our good friends at Sekai Project! Shipping for the first batch of CLANNAD digital rewards is underway, and a bunch of our members have already reported receiving their copies in the mail! If you’re one of the lucky guys who got their copy, let us know in the Show Off Your Goods topic!

Some important information for backers from Australia: due to a mix up by the fulfilment coordinator, the Australian shipments will be seeing a delay in shipping. They’ve decided to utilize a warehouse in Sydney to help complete the delivery, and they’re planning to ship all the packages to the said warehouse over the next few days.

As for digital rewards, to be specific, the guide book and original soundtrack, Sekai Project is currently redesigning their website and are planning to release these rewards once the new website comes out at the end of March. Since these will be released outside of Steam, they will be completely DRM-free and accessible to backers at any time!

Last, but not least, we have progress on the next stretch goal: final review of the CLANNAD Side Stories is underway, and printing will start soon! They’re planning to have the final version up and ready sometime this week.

Great timing now that we have the CLANNAD Bookclub winding down, and people can look back on the good experiences they’ve had reading the VN by appreciating all the goods that came with it. If you still haven’t, tell us what CLANNAD means to you over on the forum topic and help us make our anthology the best thing ever!



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