CLANNAD Kickstarter Update: 10th Anniversary Artbook Release


We have some exciting news from the latest CLANNAD Kickstarter update! The 10th anniversary artbook has finally been translated into English and has been digitally distributed to those who backed the physical edition of the game. The artbook was first released in Japan in 2013, and features guest illustrations from artists such as Rei Idumi (.hack//Legend of the Twilight, Hibiki’s Magic), Fumio (Tomoyo After, Grisaia) and GotoP (CLANNAD Side Stories), as well as official material from the original game, TV series and movie. Last but not least, there are also short stories and comics so you can enjoy more of the CLANNAD universe.

We gave this away as a prize back in the CLANNAD Bookclub, but now everyone who backed the Kickstarter will have their own digital copy to browse through, and most importantly, in English for the very first time! Physical backers should’ve received an email from Backerkit including a link where you can download it from. Sekai Project have no current plans to publish a physical copy of the book, so this may be the only English translation we ever receive of this artbook. Major props to Sekai Project for getting this published. For all intents and purposes, the CLANNAD Kickstarter is finally concluded.

You can check the update on Kickstarter here

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