Charlotte's Broadcast has Commenced! And with it the Charlotte Anime Bookclub


The wait is over! Charlotte’s broadcast in Japan has finally begun! Airing at midnight of the 4th/5th July on Japanese television, the first episode of Charlotte was broadcast to the nation!

Stream Links:
Crunchyroll in North America and UK

Daisuki in North America

This also marks the beginning of the Charlotte Anime Bookclub! From now until the end of the week, you are all invited to join the discussion in our Episode 1 Topic, which we will be drawing upon for when we discuss the episode during our Podcast, which will be recorded next Friday in time for the following episode. We’re also looking for submissions of Fanworks to the Charlotte Fanart Topic, so if you fancy yourself the creative type, please consider submitting something! This will continue for the next 13 weeks until the series’ completion, culminating in an Anthology Video showcasing all of our Fanworks together with our final thoughts on the series, so we hope you guys will come together and help us produce some awesome content and discussion for this series! Let’s enjoy this new Key story together!

In addition to the Episode 1 topic, we also have numerous other Charlotte topics you can find indexed in our General Discussion Topic. And if you’d like to learn more about Charlotte, please check out our Information Page for the series.


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