@Charlotte_AB_ Twitter Confirms 13 Episode Count for Charlotte


Some big news that confirms many of our suspicions has been revealed today on the official @Charlotte_AB_ Twitter account. The image below illustrates the titles of all 13 episodes scheduled for broadcast starting this Saturday/Sunday, the 4th/5th of June. Translated episode titles can be found here. One fact has been made clear: Charlotte spans a total of 13 episodes.


This may be met with a negative reaction by some, but I ask you to consider some facts first. The Charlotte team have expressed many times that they are aware of the mistakes they made with Angel Beats! and are aiming to correct them with Charlotte. Among these mistakes, one of the most heavily criticised was the decision to include such a large-scale narrative with so many unique characters in 13 episodes, as many argued it didn’t give the series adequate time to develop its characters and setting.

I, personally, am feeling a lot more optimistic about Charlotte in this regard. If you look at the character cast, we only have 5 main characters this time (as opposed to 20), and only 2-3 of them are looking central to the plot. I believe 13 episodes is more than enough time to get to know these characters and watch the story unfold at a natural pace. If this is what the team meant by learning from their mistakes, then their efforts are already quite apparent.

Feel free to share your thoughts and feelings regarding this news in response to this article or in our Charlotte Pre-Release Discussion & Ongoing Speculation Topic, but I ask that you remain civil, and avoid heavily criticising a work you haven’t even watched yet. Have faith guys, this series has more than enough potential to be something amazing. Episode count doesn’t make a series; good writing does.

For more information about Charlotte, including where to watch it when it airs, check out our Charlotte Information Page.



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